33 SYSTEMS INC, d/b/a 33Alerts, is a Florida Corporation, hereinafter known as “33 SYSTEMS INC”. 33 SYSTEMS INC is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers’ data. A customer collectively refers to school districts, individual schools, or students attending schools, or employees, or volunteers, or parent/guardians or vendors or visitors of any district and/or school that use 33 SYSTEMS INC’s 33HelpME Software Application.

1. Commitment to Customer Data Privacy

2. This Policy Applies to 33 SYSTEMS INC Customers

3. What Information Is Collected And How Is It Collected?

4. Data Access And Maintenance

5. Termination Of Services

6. Access / Sale / Share Of Customer Data — 33 SYSTEMS INC will not:

7. Acceptance and Links to other Websites

8. Cookies

9. How Data Will Be Used

10. How Customers Can Correct Inaccuracies in The Data?

11. 33 SYSTEMS INC’s Security Procedures Used To Protect Customer’s Data

12. Information Collected By Electronic Means

13. Security of Premises and Other Physical Security Measures

14. Security Against Unauthorized Electronic Access and Viruses

15. Changes to this Statement

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Privacy Policy

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